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How Can We Help?

What is the age recommendation for your kits and bins?

Our sensory kits and bins are thoughtfully put together to allow endless amounts of imaginative play for kids of all ages (and even adults!). However, our kits and bins do contain some small pieces, which can be choking hazards and small children should be closely supervised while playing with their kits.

Can I make a request for a specially themed kit?

Yes! If I have the supplies, I am happy to put together specific themed kits and bins for you!

What are the benefits of sensory play?

Research shows that sensory play can,

  • Help build nerve connections in the brain, which support the ability to complete more difficult learning tasks

  • Support the development of motor skills, problem solving, and language development

  • Encourage ‘scientific thinking’ and problem solving

  • Provide mindful and calming activities to all children

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