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purposeful play


​As a mom of 5, I understand how important play is in the development of our children. I love watching my children participate in imaginative play where I can see their creativity running wild! Like many families, when COVID 19 started spreading, we had to pull our then 1 year old out of daycare.

My daughters daycare was very diligent about incorporating various sensory activities into their kids days. When daycare was no longer an option, I was looking for a way to bring those sensory activities into my home to help meet the needs of my developing toddler. I began building themed sensory bins – which my toddler AND older children all became enthralled in. They would spend hours throughout the day with their hands in the bin, playing and creating.

I wanted to help bring this developmentally enriching play to other families and thus, Purposeful Play was born. Play is an integral part of childhood and our sensory items are each hand picked and put together, to not only meet the developing needs of your child but also keep them engaged for hours on end.

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