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Purposeful Play featured in this month's BayState Parent magazine. Click here to read the article!

-Research shows that sensory play has the following benefits to your child's development:

-Helps build nerve connections in the brain, which support the ability to complete more difficult learning tasks

-Supports the development of motor skills, problem solving, and language development

-Encourages ‘scientific thinking’ and problem solving

-Provides mindful and calming activities to all children

At Purposeful Play, we help to bring sensory play into your home with our sensory kits, bins and bottles. Our items are all hand picked and put together to provide your child with endless amounts of sensory play! You'll be amazed what your child will come up with using the pieces of our kits as you watch them play. Let their imaginations and creativity run wild!

Please check our store for a list of current items! And sign up for our email list as we are working on adding new items as we speak!

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Paxton, Massachusetts

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